BioPayCoin - Biometric Profiling for
Identity and Security

Choose the Ethereum Wallet you will be using to participate in ICO.

If you are not using Wizard Platform with Metamask to purchase tokens, you MUST include the Advanced Data: "0xa6f2ae3a" in ANY transaction sent to Crowdsale Address. If you are using Google Chrome as a browser, you should download Metamask and use Oracles Wizard Platform.


Metamask is a plugin for Google Chrome. It allows quick access to your Ethereum funds and allows minimal functions for ERC20 tokens.

Use MetaMask


Parity will run as a full node, but downloading shorter version of the blockchain then the main "Geth" Ethereum Client. Access GUI from your Internet Browser.

Use Parity is a web-based Ethereum wallet. You can create an ETH address or use multiple ways to import existing ETH addresses.

Use MyEtherWallet