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BioPay: The next global paying system

by Stephen ArsenaultOctober 14, 2017

BioPayCoin will be the first cryptocurrency to implement Biometric Fingerprint Scanners as a security feature to protect your coins. BPC was initially planned by two men with one goal in mind, global scale. We are combining multiple technologies into one platform and we hope to see it in every major store and app by 2020 or sooner. The Biometrics industry has grown rather large the past couple years. By the end of 2018, they will not be shipping a newly built phone without one and it doesn't end there. Companies all over the world are forming businesses around biometric identity and the technology alone is the marketing.

BPC knows it will be a tough task. Taking a technology, that's known to provide false positives occasionally, turn it into a global paying system. That is why the goal for global distribution remains two years away, gives time for public wallet testing. BioPay has come up with a simple solution to solve the collision-course issue with fingerprint scanning.

The solution

When you take away the plastic credit card, what is left? BioPay will use a series of identification PINs to be able to select address number you want and unlock to send transaction. Even though this project's main focus is our security/identity, in the future, many other features will be added with our main network which is planned to be released early Q1 of 2018. More details will be released as time goes on and we welcome anyone with reputation for recommendations and when code goes public, you will be able to pitch in, submit a pull, help with UI, anything to help speed up progress, thanks.

Step One: Input Fingerprint Scan; Step Two: Enter Location PIN;Step Three: Enter Unlock PIN; Step Four: Tx Sends