BioPayCoin - Biometric Profiling for
Identity and Security

BioPayCoin promises no profit from our platform. Could the token do good and go up in price, maybe, but if not, it is not our responsibility for any losses. The only thing BPC can promise to do for the community is try to thrive above the competition and be the number one in the indentity category. We have not released all details about our future plans for BIO tokens because of our slow progress, we do not want competitors, with nothing else better to do, to quickly develop a snappy looking User Experience and steal the ideas. In case of successful ICO, we will be able to share some of those goals with the public, due to being able to hire more help to develop our platform quicker.

BIO Tokens are sold during the ICO as temporary replacements before the BIO Main Network is released. The BIO tokens will be used as a method of payment on a digital payment system. There is no physical product you will be purchasing when participating. Instead you buy into a chance for a cryptocurrency business being born into a global digital payment system. BPC has started off small, with a big dream in mind.

We ask the crypto world community to give us a chance and pitch in something small, even $10 USD from enough people could help us develop what could be the next of many great payment possibilities. If you want to find more about the person in charge, me, head over to the contact page, where I will leave my personal contact and social media pages. I want to do this to give any contributors a little peace when contributing to such a small project team.

Like stated above, I can't promise this will turn into what we want it to, but we will do whatever in our power to bring this coin up in the ranks and if enough was raised by the end of ICO on December 31, we will begin the new year by immediately finding the qualified personnel to speed up development and release more information about future plans. Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated and just wanted to put it out there that we have a few different approaches we are working on for the BIO network so stay tuned.