BioPayCoin - Biometric Profiling for
Identity and Security

Next Price Increase


BIO Specs:

Token Name: BioPayCoin
Ticker: BIO
Decimals: 18

Crowdsale Address:

BIO Token Address:

Method ID for tx without ICO Wizard:

If you have Google Chrome Browser, use "Metamask" Ethereum
Wallet to invest using's ICO Wizard, it is embeded
into the "Invest" page, find it on the navbar.

Token Distribution:

BIO Token Sale Total Cap:
5,000,000 BIO

Phase one:

Phase two:

Phase three:

Phase four:

Phase five:

We recently lowered the maximum Tokens available during the crowdsale from 500,000,000 to 5,000,000 BIO.

What will the funds be used for?

The funds accrued from BIO Token Sale will go towards expanding BPC team by bringing in more experienced developers, marketing/PR, legal, ect. There is also 750,000 BIO Tokens reserved to dev account, 250,000 will be for bounties and remaining 500,000 will be distributed to developers on the team, to hold. There are also 5,000 BIO reserved for Previous Contributors from past Contract. Excess bounty/marketing needs will come from ETH earned during ICO.

What are the Minimum goals?

BPC does not have any set, minimum goals at the moment. This project is moving forward, even in case of unsuccessful ICO (minimal participants), a successful ICO will just mean the process will move along allot quicker. In case of unsuccessful ICO and main network takes an extended amount of time to release, any participants who entered the ICO will be compensated for the contributions. There is a 5,000,000 BIO Max Cap for the duration of token sale.